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expert Portland endodontic care

Portland Endodontic Care or Root Canal Therapy

When searching for Portland endodontic care you probably don’t want to hear you need root canal therapy. But the truth is, endodontics or root canal therapy here at Springwater Dental is often the best solution to stop the pain caused by a severely infected tooth. It is certainly more desirable than the alternative; tooth extraction. A root canal removes only the areas of decay and infected tissue, helping you to keep your natural tooth intact. This means that you won’t have to worry about problems that can be associated with tooth extraction, such as bone loss in the jaw or shifting of nearby teeth. Feel free to contact us to learn more about Portland endodontic care and root canal therapy, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week call (503) 902-6604.

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root canal therapy an endodontic review

Fast Root Canal, Great Endodontic Care in Portland

I was terrified when my Portland dentist told me I needed a root canal. I was going to a price-efficient dentist at the time, and I didn’t trust him to perform the service. Even regular fillings at that dentist caused me serious pain! I found Springwater Dental looking for Portland endodontic care. From my very first appointment with Dr. Chung, I could tell I had made the right choice. Dr. Chung was very thorough in my exam and explained the procedure in detail to me. I was comfortable through the entire endodontic treatment and Dr. Chung was able to save the tooth! I took the antibiotic medication I was prescribed when I went home and recovered quickly with almost no pain. Quality work doc, thanks!

Yolanda N
Milwaukie, OR
5-Star Rating

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technology improves root canal therapy

Discover our New Technology for Root Canals in Portland

Many people hear the words “root canal” and immediately envision a scary and painful procedure. However, recent advances in dental technology have enabled dentists like Dr. Chung to perform endodontic care in Portland that is more effective and less painful than in years past. For example, digital imaging can be used instead of x-rays to give our Portland endodontic expert Dr. Chung an extremely detailed and highly magnified view of the tooth and enable them to remove every trace of infected tissue or abscess. Plus, dental sedation methods have also improved, making the Portland endodontic procedure far more comfortable for you. Most of our patients report that the discomfort they felt during their endodontic treatment or root canal therapy was similar to what you would expect from the routine filling of a cavity.

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root canal indications Portland

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal in Portland

In a healthy tooth, the enamel and dentin protect the pulp and nerves inside the tooth from infection. If, however, tooth decay or injury as a result of direct trauma to your tooth causes damage to these protective materials, the pulp and nerves may become infected and inflamed. This bacterial infection often causes toothache or intense tooth pain when you touch the tooth, or chew on foods. An infected tooth may also become more sensitive to hot or cold liquids and may even become noticeably discolored. Another sign that you might have an infection requiring endodontic treatment in Portland is severe swelling of the gum tissue or bleeding gums. If you develop an abscess, you might notice a “pimple” type bump on your gums and you need to seek endodontic care immediately!  Call (503) 902-6604 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Rarely but in some cases our endodontic expert Dr. Chung may also recommend root canal therapy on broken teeth or highly decayed teeth as a preventative measure to keep infections from developing.

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endodontic treatment to save your teeth

Endodontic Treatment in Portland Can Save Your Teeth

The purpose of root canal therapy is to remove infected tissue from inside your tooth. Dr. Chung accomplishes this endodontic procedure by drilling a small hole down into the pulp chamber of the tooth, and then removing the nerves and pulp from the tooth to alleviate pain. Then the newly hollow pulp chamber is filled with epoxy in order to keep the tooth strong and prevent it from cracking or breaking during your normal activities. After placing the filler material, Portland endodontic expert Dr. Chung will then seal the tooth by placing a crown over top of it shielding the tooth from further nerve pain, root pain or damage. Normally this happens on a subsequent dental care visit. Of course, you will be anesthetized throughout the entire endodontic experience so that your root canal therapy will be comfortable and painless.

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expert endodontic care with Dr. Chung

Why Choose Endodontic Treatment Expert Dr. Chung for Your Root Canal in Portland?

Dr. Chung is a compassionate and highly skilled endodontic dentist with 12 years experience providing root canal therapy. Here at Springwater Dental we are equipped with the highest technology available to provide extremely successful endodontic care and root canal procedures. For example, our digital imaging tools give us a detailed view of the tooth and check for rare “fourth” roots that would otherwise go undetected. We can also take extremely precise measurements of the pulp chamber in your tooth to ensure that the precise amount of filler material is used. Plus, Dr. Chung is highly skilled in the art and science of creating dental crowns so you know that your root canal will be handled with the utmost professionalism from start to finish at Springwater Dental.

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24-7 endodontic treatment available

Caring Endodontic Care in Portland is Available 24/7

The words root canal may sound awful but root canal therapy doesn’t have to be. If you are in need of urgent dentistry or specifically emergency endodontic treatment in Portland please contact us right away to schedule an appointment or call (503) 902-6604 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Rusty B.
5-Star Review

Rusty B.

Springwater Dental rocks! First of all, it’s in my neighborhood, so I can walk there. Everything is new, clean, homey and high-tec, like showing me my x-rays on the laptop. Dr. Paul is young enough to be current, old enough to have the experience that I want in a dentist. Staff is super friendly and go out of their way to be helpful. Seem to be warm and genuinely caring people.

Raelynn Tuner

Wow is all I can really say. I used to be terrified of the dentist, but Dr. Chung has a very calming bedside manner and is so very thorough that its actually a treat for me to see him. He removed my wisdom teeth a couple years ago, and took away excruciating pain I had learned to live with; then last week he saw me the same day I called to see why my mouth was hurting again. In a single visit, he was able to treat my mouth AND stay in my budget

Connie Cappuccio

Dr. Chung is absolutely a top notch dentist. He fixed my molar after it got re-infected 7 years after my first root canal. The anesthesia was literally painless and the nitrous gas put me at ease in spite of me feeling anxious during the procedure. My new crown is so much prettier than my last crown and looks like a natural tooth. Thank you Dr. Chung and Mary for turning a grueling dental procedure into a pleasant experience!


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