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In life, there are many things that threaten the health of your teeth. For example, some of the foods you eat such as ice chips, hard candies and popcorn can chip or crack your teeth. Playing a contact sport like hockey, football or basketball can damage your natural teeth. Poor oral hygiene habits can also lead to tooth decay, which can alter the look of your teeth. No matter how careful you are, chances are you are going to damage at least one of your teeth in the span of your life. Luckily, Dr. Chung at Springwater Dental in Portland can help by offering dental crowns made especially for you and you alone that are painlessly done by sedation. If you are in need of a dental crown in Portland call us at (503) 902-6604.

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dental crown story in Portland

Hockey Is Tough on Teeth

“I love to play hockey, I competed in hockey, I was good at hockey in high school and college. I had fun, I knew how to play. One day I decided not to put on my protection gear to play with some friends and that was the worst decision of my life. My buddy took a shot at the goal when I was in front of him and his bad shot hit me right in the face. EMERGENCY! Help! I called my dentist, Dr. Chung and he got me in that day, they answer 24 hours a day. The puck chipped my tooth bad enough to need a tooth crown. As soon as I got there they offered me sedation which I accepted readily. Well by the time I left the office, Dr. Chung and his team had me looking my good old self and I was very pleased, thanks!”

Mark R.
Portland, OR
5-Star Rating

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What are Dental Crowns?

There are two parts to your teeth—the root and the crown. The root of the tooth is covered by gums and bone (in a healthy person). The part of the tooth that is visible in the mouth is the crown (clinical crown). A cemented restoration of the clinical crown is a dental crown or cap. It is a prosthetic that is positioned over your tooth to create a normal look, to strengthen and give durability to your tooth, as well as to strengthen and protect the remaining part of your tooth’s structure, improving the appearance of your smile. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Chung and to get an opinion on your need for dental crowns. In Portland, Don’t hesitate to call for a free consultation to discuss any aspect of your dental health, also including sedation dentistry for those with dental fears or those wanting to have several procedures in one visit (503) 902-6604.

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Springwater Dental, Portland‘s Top Sedation Provider for Dental Crowns

Some people are really concerned that if they need to restore some of their teeth through cosmetic dental treatments it will be very noticeable. They shouldn’t be. Dr. Chung offers porcelain dental crowns that have the look and shine of a natural tooth. Porcelain can be prepared to have the same color as your natural teeth. Not only will they have the same color, but the porcelain reflects light in a similar way as the enamel of your own teeth. Dr. Chung is a very compassionate and a concerned doctor. His goal is to improve your appearance by creating a smile that you will love and doing it all painlessly with sedation, if needed. His team will be happy to set you up with a payment schedule to make sure that anyone who is interested in getting a crown is able to do so. You can have a free consultation to see what Springwater Dental can do for your smile. Call us for quality dental crowns in Portland. (503) 902-6604

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children and dental crowns

Why Dental Crowns and Not Just a Filling…

Dental crowns are a marvelous solution to reviving the beauty and function of a natural smile. Crowns are a viable solution to damaged teeth that are at a breaking point, rather than just a composite resin filling. Also after an endodontic treatment or root canal, it is necessary to fill the hole created by the removal of the pulp and root and cover the remaining tooth. In both these solutions, the tooth crown is the best option. This process is recommended to protect the root canal as well as provide better protection as they are stronger and more durable than regular fillings.  Dental crowns are very often used for makeovers, which will improve your aesthetic appearance. Crowns can also be a stable replacement for missing teeth by cementing them to implants and bridges. For more information on options you have call for a free consultation today, dental crowns in Portland (503) 902-6604. Ask about our sedation techniques.

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caring for your dental crowns in Portland

The Dental Crown Procedure at Springwater Dental

Your initial consultation with Dr. Chung will involve answering a series of questions that will help to determine your needs and desires for your beautiful smile. He will guide you through the process of selecting the most appropriate and affordable crown for you and will also explain his sedation techniques for painless treatments. Impressions of your teeth will be made so the team and the lab can copy the shape, color (with porcelain) and structure of the surrounding teeth giving you a perfect custom fit. You may choose to have your crown made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal or gold. Then your tooth will undergo preparation for bonding the crown. Dr. Chung will shape your tooth so that the tooth crown will fit nicely when ready. A temporary cap will sit on top of your tooth for protection until the new one is ready for bonding. The final visit will be to seamlessly fit you with your brand new dental crown. Why wait, call today for dental crowns in Portland (503) 902-6604.

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Bad or decayed teeth? Chipped or Cracked teeth?

Do you need a solution that will improve your appearance, last a long time and have the best quality? Would you like to keep your natural teeth instead of bridges or implants? Do you want something with a custom fit that is strong and will be of porcelain that looks and reflects light just like your natural ones? Do you want to do it all without pain using sedation dental therapy? Restore your smile with dental crowns in Portland with Dr. Chung at Springwater Dental. Click here for a free consultation or even for more information. Or just call to make an appointment in Portland for dental crowns (503) 902-6604.

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Rusty B.
5-Star Review

Rusty B.

Springwater Dental rocks! First of all, it’s in my neighborhood, so I can walk there. Everything is new, clean, homey and high-tec, like showing me my x-rays on the laptop. Dr. Paul is young enough to be current, old enough to have the experience that I want in a dentist. Staff is super friendly and go out of their way to be helpful. Seem to be warm and genuinely caring people.

Raelynn Tuner

Wow is all I can really say. I used to be terrified of the dentist, but Dr. Chung has a very calming bedside manner and is so very thorough that its actually a treat for me to see him. He removed my wisdom teeth a couple years ago, and took away excruciating pain I had learned to live with; then last week he saw me the same day I called to see why my mouth was hurting again. In a single visit, he was able to treat my mouth AND stay in my budget

Connie Cappuccio

Dr. Chung is absolutely a top notch dentist. He fixed my molar after it got re-infected 7 years after my first root canal. The anesthesia was literally painless and the nitrous gas put me at ease in spite of me feeling anxious during the procedure. My new crown is so much prettier than my last crown and looks like a natural tooth. Thank you Dr. Chung and Mary for turning a grueling dental procedure into a pleasant experience!


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