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One of the most pressing issues regarding children’s health today is finding a trusted resource to provide for medical and dental care. Parents want to find the care their children deserve. When looking for an honest and reliable dentist for your children, Dr. Chung would be a great choice. Dr. Chung understands the important concerns of parents. He and his staff are experienced in pediatric dentistry and from the moment you and your child enter the office, you will feel like part of the family. Here at Springwater Dental, we understand that in some circumstances, your child may even need the expert skills of a sedation dentist. Dr. Chung can fill all your child’s needs and will gently and successfully do so keeping your budget in mind. Trust our office in Portland for your kids dentist needs. Call (503) 902-6604 or fill out our online form.

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patients story about kids dentistry

My Child Will Willingly Go to the Dentist Again

My son had a very bad experience at a dentist office where we used to live and he would scream and fight whenever I even mentioned getting his teeth cleaned and checked. I was getting desperate and started checking out dentists in the Portland area just to see what they had to offer. I found Dr. Chung quite by accident and learned that he was an expert in sedation dentistry. I felt that it may come to using sedation to get my son’s teeth checked and possibly worked on. I took him by the office and WOW it was amazing. The kind and gentle staff took over and made him feel so good that he willingly went the next time to his teeth cleaning. They did Awesome, thanks Springwater Dental.

Sarah C.
Portland, OR
5-Star Rating

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kids dental staff is top notch

Kids Dentist You Can Trust

Our practice at Springwater Dental in Portland is a fun loving, gentle, and kid friendly environment you can trust. Dr. Chung and the staff will take all the time needed to make your child comfortable, educate them on how to take proper care of their teeth for great oral hygiene, and have a great time in the process. The staff will teach the mechanics of good brushing and flossing so each child will learn to keep their gums and teeth healthy and develop good habits of oral hygiene right from the beginning. This will minimize their tooth decay and cavities in the future. In situations that involve a child who has had adverse experience at the dentist previously, please note that Dr. Chung specializes in sedation dentistry and he will ensure that your child will have a very pleasant experience. So don’t worry, you can trust Dr. Chung in Portland for your kids dentist. Call now for a free consultation (503) 902-6604.

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reduce kids dentistry expenses with sealants

Teach Your Children About Good Oral Health

We treat our children in a fun loving and educational environment and will strive to meet each child’s needs on a case-by-case basis. Education involves giving information to each child to help them better prepare to take care of their dental health. Information includes that when we eat our food it creates bacteria on the surface of our teeth and gums. As this bacteria sits on our enamel, it causes plaque and tarter to combine with sugar to create an acid that will eat at that tooth enamel, which may cause dental caries or cavities. By teaching your child good oral health, brushing teeth, flossing and using mouth wash, it can greatly reduce the instances of fillings for your child. From their first birthday, we encourage you to bring your children in for a regular teeth cleaning and dental exam to ensure your child’s oral health (we do sedation dentistry). Call to schedule an appointment today in Portland at Springwater Dental (503) 902-6604 for your kids dentist.

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why choose us as your kids dentist

In Dr. Chung‘s Own Words

I love working with children especially through difficult situations. We know that going to the dentist is not anyone’s favorite thing to do, but we will quickly make your child feel like they are part of our family. We will help educate them on good oral health and give you, as parents, tips on how to ensure your child’s dental hygiene success. We also have the option of sedation dentistry to further put you and your children at ease. My team is kind and loving from the minute you walk into our office and when you walk out our door your child will have a toy in their hand and a great smile to boot.

Dr. Chung.

Call Springwater Dental (503) 902-6604 in Portland for the best kid’s dentist around.

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pediatric dentist has great tips

A Few Answers for Your Child’s Oral Health

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a professional teeth cleaning and exam take place every six months for optimal oral health. Healthy smiles for life start when their first tooth shows through. Don’t be so hasty to say no to gum. Studies show that gum with Xylitol has health benefits. Thumb sucking and pacifiers may cause problems if the habit continues without correction. Sugar does play a role in tooth decay. There are three things in order for a cavity to form: bacteria, a susceptible tooth (not sealed) and sugar. What toothpaste is best? Any fluoridated children’s toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association will work great. Moms trust us. Pediatricians recommend us. Children love us. So why not call our office in Portland today for your kids dentist! We provide sedation dentistry for those who need it. (503) 902-6604.

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kids dentistry you can trust

Springwater Dental is for all ages

We are committed and passionate about what we do. We invite you to bring your children to our convenient Portland location and see for yourself how a caring and gentle environment can foster your child’s health and for those that are nervous we offer sedation dentistry. Click here or call (503) 902-6604 for an appointment.

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Rusty B.
5-Star Review

Rusty B.

Springwater Dental rocks! First of all, it’s in my neighborhood, so I can walk there. Everything is new, clean, homey and high-tec, like showing me my x-rays on the laptop. Dr. Paul is young enough to be current, old enough to have the experience that I want in a dentist. Staff is super friendly and go out of their way to be helpful. Seem to be warm and genuinely caring people.

Raelynn Tuner

Wow is all I can really say. I used to be terrified of the dentist, but Dr. Chung has a very calming bedside manner and is so very thorough that its actually a treat for me to see him. He removed my wisdom teeth a couple years ago, and took away excruciating pain I had learned to live with; then last week he saw me the same day I called to see why my mouth was hurting again. In a single visit, he was able to treat my mouth AND stay in my budget

Connie Cappuccio

Dr. Chung is absolutely a top notch dentist. He fixed my molar after it got re-infected 7 years after my first root canal. The anesthesia was literally painless and the nitrous gas put me at ease in spite of me feeling anxious during the procedure. My new crown is so much prettier than my last crown and looks like a natural tooth. Thank you Dr. Chung and Mary for turning a grueling dental procedure into a pleasant experience!


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